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Is The Wind Blowing You Hard and Cold – Get Ready

The death of a loved one is never an easy experience. Weather a person comes to deaths door through a long illness or a tragic accident, losing someone who has been a part of your life, leaves a huge whole. Friends and family that come to circle around, you at that very painful time, can help and hold you up, but they can never take away the pain and devastation that you go through.

On top of the tremendous loss, there is all the paper work that must be handled and taken care of. Yes, I said paper work. I don’t mean this in any way to be disrespectful of the dead, but these are things that have to be done after we’re gone, and it’s a pile of papers that need to be signed and delivered to all the right places. This is something that all of us must go through, but none of us ever think about until it is all to late.

This is My Story

My mother-in-law passed away after a fourteen month battle with pancreatic cancer. Cancer is a horrible illness that usually leaves families reeling, but pancreatic cancer is usually discovered after it is too late and death is quick. Usually two to six months, but my mother-in-law lasted fourteen.

Then there are the constant drives back and forth to the hospital for the chemo treatments and any other things that may come up. It is a long and draining experience that leaves you numb and listless.

With all this going on and now the tragic news of the persons demise, there are the insurance forms and agents that need to be contacted. If there is an estate, there are attorneys, social security, clergy, funeral homes, and family members, just to name a few of the many things that have to be taking care of. This in and of itself, can be a daunting task for anyone to handle, but even more so after the devastating news that your loved one has died.

With all the emotions, fears, and drama that this brings, wouldn’t it be nice if you had everything prepared and ready to go, when this door, that we all must pass through, opens?

I would like to introduce to you an eBook that I have been given access too with all these answers laid out for you. A guide to organize and put together the people, phone numbers, and addresses, that you must contact. Have all the right papers ready to go and everything that you must do, all laid out for you. “This is My Story” is a great resource for everything you must do during this very difficult time.

Don’t leave your loved ones running around trying to find your insurance papers, or the name to your pension administrator, or your doctor, attorney, and close friends, during this very emotional period. They will have enough to deal with your loss, let alone all of the administrative process as well.

I remember everything that my wife had to carry, and all the arrangements that she had to do, and when the evening came she would just collapse in my arms, weeping desperately for her mother. If I could have known where some of these documents were and who to contact, I could have helped her so much more.

In, “This is My Story“, you will find resources and guides on how to leave a legacy for your children and grand-children. Record your family history on videos, and guidelines for a personal legacy letter, setting up wills, trusts, guardianship, and marital agreements.

What is power of attorney? Find out in this incredible resource. How to set up your personal, real estate, medical, insurance, and much more is included in this tremendous resource that all of us are going to need one day.

Bank accounts, financial investments, debts, and business interests are all covered in this eBook.

I know that my wife’s burden would have been so much easier to carry if she had all this information organized and set up before hand for her, but this is a bridge that we never feel we will have to cross…but we all will one day.

If someone charged me $100 for this, I would pay it in a heart beat, but they aren’t. $50 dollars would be a steal for all the valuable information in this book, but they aren’t selling it for $50 either. For the price of what it would cost you for a meal at McDonald’s, $9.95, is what you will pay for all this information. I still can’t believe that’s all they are charging for everything that you get in this book.

Click on the book and view a sample of this amazing information that we all need to know. Let’s see McDonald’s or peace of mind? I think I’ll take peace of mind.




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Your ABC’s For Life

  1. Avoid negative sources, people, things and habits.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Consider things from every angle.
  4. Do not give up and do not give in.
  5. Enjoy life today: yesterday is history, today is a present, tomorrow may never come.
  6. Family and Friends are hidden treasures. Seek them and enjoy their riches.
  7. Give more than you planned to give.
  8. Hang on to your dreams.
  9. Ignore those who try to discourage you.
  10. Just do it!
  11. Keep on trying, no matter how hard it seems. It will get better.
  12. Love yourself first and foremost.
  13. Make it happen. Just do it!
  14. Never lie, cheat, or steal. Always strike a fair deal.
  15. Open your eyes and see things as they really are.
  16. Practice makes perfect.
  17. Quitters never win and winners never quit.
  18. Read, study and learn about everything important in your life.
  19. Stop procrastinating.
  20. Take control of your own destiny.
  21. Understand yourself in order to better understand others.
  22. Visualize it.
  23. Want it more than anything.
  24. Xcellerate your efforts.
  25. You are unique of all of Nature’s creations. Nothing can replace you.
  26. Zero in on your target, and go for it!!

What is your target? What are your goals? Sometimes that is the easy part, but finding a system or process to attain those goals, and sticking with it, can be the hardest part. Learning the secrets to life is the key that unlocks the doors to success in anything that you decide to undertake. Take that first step today.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

Brian Gosur

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