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Where Are You?

The other night was a very emotionally draining and fearful evening to say the least for me and my family.

My wife and I were coming home from a nice meal that we enjoyed together, when she received a call from my sister-in-law. She was crying so hard that my wife had a hard time understanding what she was saying, but it was obvious that something was very wrong.

My nephew had just stormed out of their house. He said he was leaving. He had packed some things in a bag and ran out the door. Words were exchanged, and he was gone.

My brother was getting ready to go to work, when he noticed that his handgun was missing. (My brother is in law enforcement) He looked frantically for the weapon, but was unable to locate it any where. He asked his wife if she had seen it. She said no….. They both stopped and looked at each other….You don’t think….Yes….Paul had taken the weapon with him.

Paul had just graduated from college. He has an engineering degree. He is a very handsome young man. Out going and into many different organizations that reach out into the community to help those who are less fortunate than him. Cancer, teens against suicide, just to name a few. “He had everything going for him.”  How many times have you heard that one before?

One thing happened to him that would rock his entire world. The girl that he had dated for four years, and whom he wanted to marry, left him for another guy. This just happened about two months prior to this.

Paul kept all this inside. No one knew he was planning to ask this girl to marry him. He had a ring all in place. Although his parents were never on the same page as he was concerning his relationship with this girl, he wasn’t going to let their views stop him from going forward and asking for her hand in marriage. She ended all that when she walked out of the relationship.

My sister-in-law said he was acting a little strange. Not talking to anyone. Staying in his room. But he is a reserved person when things are on his mind. His girl friend was very much on his mind at this moment. Because his parents really didn’t like her, they saw this as a good thing, but Paul saw it totally different.

My wife and I rushed over to their house. We prayed together and consoled with them as the hours ticked by.

Right after we had prayed with them, a neighbor lady came done the street and dropped off a note with the story of the prodigal son. It is not unusual for her to do this. She does this often, but she didn’t know what was going on. She never knocked on the door, she just dropped the note on the porch and left. I don’t know if you know the story, but in the end, the son comes home.

That gave us a little bit of hope. Were you telling us God through this lady, that Paul would be coming home?

Frantically everyone was leaving messages on Paul phone. “Where are you”, they were asking. “Please come home.” ” We love you”, but there was never no connections made.

Finally an email message sent to his sister….. It said that he had his life all planned out. Get a good job. Marry the women that he loved. Instead he was looking at thousands of dollars in student loans. No job, and especially the girl that would put everything together was gone forever. But the hardest thing of all was the fact that his parents never thought to ask him how he was doing. Because he wasn’t doing well at all. He was distraught. He hadn’t eaten in days. He wasn’t talking to no one. Staying locked up in his room, and nobody cared. Paul was definitely at a crossroad. Now what do I do?

What is my life? At the end of the message, he said he decided to end it all. He was going to take his life with the weapon that he had taken from his father’s desk. He said his good-byes and his love, and then silence. The whole house was silent with the exception of the wales of morning coming from people.

I said in my heart to God, this can’t end like this. This young man doesn’t know you Lord. I grabbed my wife and we went into the bathroom together where we would not be disturbed. We both held each other and we cried out to God. “Lord, don’t let this happen. Let this all work out to Paul coming to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and savor.” Save him from what Satan is trying to do.”

My brother was using all his law enforcement connections to find his son. Ten minutes after my wife and I prayed we got the word that Paul was found at a Holiday Inn. He had checked into a room and was within minutes of taking his life with his fathers gun when the police arrived. God heard and answered our prayer.

Today Paul is under going treatment for his depression and will be released soon from the hospital.

“If you, O LORD, were to keep track of sins,
O Lord, who could stand before you?

But you are willing to forgive,
so that you might be honored.” Psalm 130:3-4

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