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Reachout and Touch Someone

The four year old little boy walked about the forest of long legs as he looked up. He was carrying his favorite toy truck in hopes that he could find someone to play with him. ” Mommy, would you play with me? Not now, mommy is busy. Go outside and play. You have to get out of the kitchen. You are just in the way.” The little boy just took his truck and walked out into the garage, where his dad was.

His dad was busy getting chairs set up for the big party.” Daddy would you play trucks with me? The Father looked down and said, Not now son. I’m real busy getting ready for the big party tonight. Maybe some other time.” The little boy walked away, sat down on the grass and started to play by himself.

The neighborhood was all a buzz over the party, that took place once every year. Everyone was their and having a great time, when someone asked, “Where is Jimmy?” No on knew and wasn’t really that concerned at the moment. The party was just getting into full swing.

One of the neighbors realized that they had forgotten something and ran back to their house. As they were walking into their own backyard, they noticed something at the next door neighbors house. They were on vacation so they were not at the party. Something was in the pool. He went to take a closer look, and there was little Jimmy’s lifeless body floating in the neighbors pool, his toy truck at the bottom.

Everyone in this world cannot survive without love and and the security that someone really cares about me. Had any of a number of people on that day, just taken a minute from there hectic pace and their own self-centeredness, the outcome may have been very different.

Is it any wonder that our world has grown so cold and we have become so disengaged from one another? Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives are moving through life at break neck speed and we aren’t taking the time to get to know one another. Before you know it, that person is gone, and we never took the time to tell them how much we appreciated them, and how much we loved them.

All little Jimmy wanted was someone to reach down into his world, and get down to his level, and spend a little bit of time with him. To touch him and say that you mean something to me Jimmy. I care about you. What you do does matter to me. It would have meant a whole lot to him just as it would mean a whole lot to someone that you may know today.

Is there someone that you have neglected? Have you been so busy that you can’t remember how long it’s been since you got down on the floor with kids? When was the last time you curled up on the couch with your spouse and made some popcorn and watched a movie? Or maybe gave aunt Sylvia a call and see how shes doing?

I remember an old commercial by a phone company, from way back. The slogan was, “Reach out and touch someone”. Sounds like a good idea today as well.

God bless

Brian Gosur

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