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Fire Proof Your Marriage

It’s been a couple of years since the movie, “Fire Proof”, has been out, but with all the talk of Tiger Woods infidelity, I thought I would ask the question, is your marriage fire proof?

There are three things that everyone can do to fire proof their marriages. If you put into practice these three simple commitments, your relationship with your spouse will be fruitful and long. Now I say commitments because without commitments, there is no marriage or relationship. Without commitments there is nothing at all about anything.

Commitments make the world go round. I think America has trouble with commitment, that’s why 50 percent of all marriages will end in divorce. We make commitments in business, with friends, our kids and our spouse, but pay little attention to when we break those commitments. Our commitments need our daily decisions to make those commitments work.

Here are three commitments, if put into place and followed everyday without wavering, will change your life.

1. Commit to Always Keep Growing With Your Partner

Do you remember when you and your spouse first were dating? Wasn’t that great! Nothing but uninterrupted time together. Do whatever you want. Go wherever you wanted to go. You laughed and talked for hours, and didn’t care what time it was. What happened to it? It should never stop. There are times when it may slow down, but it should never ever stop. Your kids will grow up and move away, you will retire from that job some day, but you will always have your spouse. Put some time back into your relationship and watch it grow.

2. Make Barriers and Stay Way Behind Them

The scene is two people having words with each other and the one draws a line in the ground and says,” I dare you to cross it”. You have to set up and follow those lines before you get into those sticky situations that will require you to make a split second decision. It’s not if those situations might occur, it’s when they will occur, and they will occur. That’s when the decision you make, could define the rest of your life. Just ask Tiger Woods.

3. Find an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone that you go to talk about your personal stuff, whatever it is. Someone you are close to and trust with these intimate parts of your life. It could be an older person, or more then one person, but it can never ever, ever, be someone of the opposite sex. Unless it is your mother, and then you might not want to share that kind of stuff with your mother. This is very important. To have someone who can step up to you and say, “I think your wrong….. You better be careful about this….watch where your going.” These are rare people indeed, because we have a tendency to always cling to those who will say what we want them to say.

Tiger Woods was always so close to his father. I don’t know for sure, but I think that his father was kinda like his accountability partner. They probably talked all the time about different things. He went to all his tournaments and was always there to greet him when he came off the course. It was very hard for Tiger Woods after his father died. I remember that first tournament that he won after his fathers death. Tears streaming down his face, the emotional Tiger Woods wept in the arms of his wife. His good friend was not there to greet him this time.

All the infidelity problems that Tiger has been dealing with have all come after his father’s death. This is probably the most important part of the three. Learn to be accountable to someone. It could mean the difference between a healthy marriage or divorce.

My name is Brian Gosur .

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