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Websters official definition for the word, missionary, is…..”a person sent by a church into an area to carry on evangelism or other activities”.

There have been missionaries sent out by churches for thousands of years. There were missionaries that arrived in America way before the Pilgrims ever stepped foot on our soil.

The missionaries are always considered a very special people. They sell everything that they have. Leave their families and friends and go to a remote place that is far away.

Gary and Siham Jasmund are not any different. At least to us they aren’t. They are very dear friends of my wife and I, and they are missionaries to Ghana West Africa.

Gary and Siham Jasmund

This process started years ago, when Gary and Siham would go on short missionary trips to Africa. They did various jobs and worked with different people, but what started to happen inside their hearts was a love for these people and the need that they had. Unaware to them, God started to perform heart surgery on Gary and Siham.

There was training and adjustments to the Ghana culture, and it has not been without it’s trials and bumps in the road. They sold all their belongings, business, and home and started walking on a path that God was clearing just for them.

They have been in Ghana West Africa for one year now and it has been a very difficult year, but God has clearly been with them. It has really been a year of them learning rather then them teaching anyone. Gary told me that a lot of people want to put them up on a platform that they don’t deserve to be on. ” We are just doing missionary work in Ghana West Africa, like all of you are doing missionary work right here where you live”,  Gary said.

It has been one of the greatest blessings of my wife Lori, and my life, to know Gary and Siham Jasmund. They will probably will not like me saying all this about them, but I am going too.

God has given them both gifts that He wants now to use in Ghana West Africa. Gary has just such an easy and humble way that he presents himself, and the ability to talk to people. Siham has the ability to see inside a person’s heart and know if they are hurting or not.

They are back in the states for this Christmas holiday season and will be heading back to Africa in January. We are all very much going to miss them, but we are not very far.  You see, they have a definite home in our hearts, and are always in our prayers.  This is how God keeps us together and a part of the work that they are doing over in Africa, through our prayers and financial support.

If you would like to read more about Gary and Siham Jasmund, please visit their website at; http://www.jasmundoutreach.com

If God is leading you to give toward their financial support, click on the donate tab below. If you would like to ask them a question you can email or write to their address below.  But one thing that you can do, and it’s free. Please keep them in your prayers!

Brian Gosur

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