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Who Do Men Say That I Am?

In the gospel according to Matthew, chapter 16 and verse thirteen, Jesus asked His disciples; ” Who do men say that I am?”

We all have a belief system. All of us believe in something. We may have gotten a little bit from here or a little bit from that friend, but what ever it is we have a system of things we believe in and they shape all the decisions that we make. It doesn’t matter what it is, it shapes who you are and what you do.

What do you believe?

Do you believe in God or you don’t believe in God? What kind of God do you believe in? Is He a big God? What can He do and what can He not do? Your view of God and what kind of God you see or don’t see will shape who you are and what kind of life you live. That view of God was probably influenced by your parents, how you were raised, and what kind of home you were raised in.

I was raised in a home were we went to church every week. My mom and dad lived every other day of the week the way they wanted to, but when Sunday came around, we were ready to get our “Sunday go to meeting clothes” on, and off to praise and worship the Lord. I learned at an early age, that God wanted us on Sunday, and the rest of the week was ours.

I thought God was a big guy up in the heavens some where and He was ready to bring the hammer down on me whenever I stepped out of bounds. That was my view of God and my life showed it in a very big way.

What’s Your View of God?

Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” He had been teaching them for awhile. People had been hearing what He was saying. They saw the healing’s that He had performed. The blind were given sight. The lame were walking. People with demon spirits were being set free. The dead were given life again. His teaching was different then anyone else that they heard. It was time to ask the question.

Who Do Men Say That I am?

Jesus had given a full account of who He was and what He mission on earth was all about. He did it by what He taught and what He said, and He proved it by the miracles and even the winds and the waves obeyed His voice.  Some said He was Elijah and some said He was one of the prophets, that has come back to life. Now He asked the question to His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter, who was the spokesperson for the group said, “You are the Christ, (or messiah) son of the Living God.” Peter basically said, you are the one we have been waiting for. Our Messiah given, to save us from our sin. Given to us from the “Living” God. God is not dead.

Whatever has shaped your view of who God, or what you think of Him, or maybe you don’t believe He even exists. That question Jesus asked His disciples thousands of years ago, He asks you today.

Who do you say that I am? Your answer to this question will shape the rest of your life. It will definitely alter your belief system, no matter what it is.

Don’t be molded into what everybody else says or what they believe. Check it out for yourself. Read God’s autobiography, the Bible. Find out what He says about Himself and then you decide. It’s the only way you will ever really know.

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