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It’s Only Words

For some of you, these are very memorable words from a song that was released, by the BeeGees, back in 1968. They may bring back memories of romance, or of a love that didn’t happen. Words have that affect on us. Words are very powerful. They can conjure up memories, weather good or bad. They can also be very destructive.

Words are a way of communication. I think a thought or an in idea in my mind. I sit down, like I am doing right now, and put into words the thoughts or ideas that I want to communicate to you into these words. You read them and you now know a little bit more about whom I am and what I’m thinking, by the words that I just expressed. Words are one way of expressing to others who we are.

Words are not the only way of expressing ourselves to others. Art is another way. Acting, on a stage or through a motion picture, is another form of expression. The art of Mime is another way of expressing me.Through a series of actions; the mime paints a picture through a story to his viewers. All these are different ways for us to convey our feelings and thoughts to others.

But when you come down to the bare nuts and bolts of it, its through the vehicle of words that we are trying to say something.

How do the blind communicate when they have never seen? How do the deaf communicate when they have never heard a sound in their life? How do people, who can’t speak your language, communicate with you? Without words, it becomes very difficult to speak my thoughts to you.

Even the Creator Himself, could not communicate with us, until He became a man and had to enter our world, before we would ever begin to understand the message He was trying to convey to us. We can see His creative hand in the beauty of nature, the sun, moon and the stars, but we can never really truly understand someone until we here the words that they speak.

In the gospel according to John, chapter one and verse one, it says. “In the beginning was the word” The meaning of “word” is; to collect, to put words side by side, to speak. God spoke this world into existence. God’s words were powerful, but we did not understand Him. So He came into our world to talk to us. John 1:14 says; “The word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” The living word of God was made flesh. He came into our world as a man, and that man’s name was Jesus Christ. “Dwelt among us”; means to pitch His tent. For all you campers out there, God pitched a tent down here on this earth for a short time and for a specific purpose; “He dwelt among us”

The point of all this is to show how important our words are. If God put so much emphasis on getting His word out to us, how much should we put into practicing the right words that we speak to each other.

Our words can speak truth and life into people or they can speak destruction and death. What is worse, physical or verbal abuse? They are both extremely bad and equally harmful.

The other side of speaking and communicating with our words is to express no words and shut down all communication. That is very bad also. This is something that I still struggle with to this day. It was something that I saw practiced in my home, when I was growing up, all the time. If I didn’t like what I saw or didn’t get what I wanted, I would go into the silent mode. No communication until you come on my terms. This is also very destructive.

There can be so much said about this topic, and I could go on and on, but lets bring this in for a landing.

Communication is a lost art today. We travel at such break neck speeds, we don’t have the time to sit down and share our thoughts and ideas, with others. Unless it’s for business or getting something that I want. Our thoughts and ideas are what makes us unique. It’s who you are.

Share your self through your words with that special person in your life. Your wife, husband, children, aunt, uncle, or very dear friend. Let them also share their words with you. That means you have to shut everything else down and go into listen mode. Not an easy thing to do today.

Better yet, find a person who doesn’t have anyone else to share their words with. Sit down and let them share. I know, it might not be easy. They may talk about things that you don’t really find interesting, but don’t forget….they will also listen to you as well.

After all; it’s only words….. And words are all I have….to take your heart away.

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